Pourquoi cette compagnie a-t-elle sa place dans mon corpus d’œuvre?

Rudi Cole and Julia Robert’s burgeoning company, Humanhood, are making significant waves on the international dance scene, bringing together their shamanic powers with their blurring somatic choreographic language. We are thrilled to be presenting their first full-length evening Infinite in Venice, where modern physics and Eastern mysticism fuse in the human body – part performance part meditation Infinite completely upends our understanding of the theatre going experience, where here, audiences are invited to tap into the infinity we all contain within.

Fiche d’identité

Nom, prénom: Julia Robert et Rudi Cole
Compagnie: Humanhood
Date de création de la compagnie: 2016
Genre: Danse
Pays: Angleterre
Spectacle: ∞ {Infini}
Date de création du spectacle : 2022
Site web :

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